Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GSD Sukkah Party A Great Success!

The event garnered a large crowd from both the design school and Hillel communities.

The event featured Israeli wine tasting courtesy of BLM Wine and Spirits.

Harvard Hillel board member and Sukkah design competition supporter Robert Kargman discusses the design with Jiayu Qin, a member of the volunteer student construction team.

GSD professor Richard Peiser outside the sukkah with design team leader Tian Ren.

GSD students learning about the sukkah competition process and the design concept from the poster outside the sukkah.

DdesS candidate Matan Meyer and Administrative Director of Advanced Studies Programs Barbara Elfman.

This year's lead sukkah designer Tian Ren, and last year's sukkah designer Benjamin Lehrer.

Atara Lindenbaum-Bressman with daughter Dahlia and Hillel Rabbanit Sharon Weiss-Greenberg with son Yehudah.

On line for delicious falafel and chummus from Jerusalem Pita.

Design team members Tian Ren and Nick Gu with JewSD founder and sukkah competition organizer Elliot Glassman.

A line of students entering the sukkah.

Students inhabiting the sukkah.

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