Thursday, March 29, 2012

Synagogue in Mainz by Manuel Herz


Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Prize for European architecture in 2011, the Mainz Synagogue by Manuel Herz represents the bold rebuilding of the Jewish community in Mainz, Germany. A Jewish presence has existed in Mainz for at least a millennium and produced many religious scholars, but over that period the community has been periodically eradicated and refounded.

The new synagogue and community center is the latest communal revival and is built on the site of the former synagogue. Unlike many synagogues designed in the post Holocaust era that try not to draw too much attention to themselves, the Mainz Synagogue offers an urban square in front of the main entrance.

See the project described in greater detail on Manuel Herz Architects' web site here.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Harvard Purim 2012 Event Guide

Purim is Wednesday night March 7th through Thursday March 8th
The Fast of Esther starts Wednesday, March 7th at 4:45am and ends at 6:10pm

Purim with Hillel
52 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge

Megillah Readings*
6pm Wednesday night, Thursday morning at 6am and 8am
Women's Megillah reading* at 7:30am
*Please bring a box of pasta to use as a grogger and to be donated afterwards to Harvard homeless shelter

Purim Seudah -
JLIC/Student Conservative Minyan/Orthodox Student Minyan Meal - Thursday 12:30-2:30 (all are welcome)

Purim-Run: A Purim Celebration with SCM
Join the SCM community for a river-run themed megillah reading and raucous Purim celebration on Wednesday March 7th, at 7pm, Ticknor Lounge.  Come dressed as your favorite house mascot.

Worship & Study Minyan Purim Celebration
Join W&S for Megillah Reading, a Hamentoshen Bake Off, and original minyan-produced entertainment.  From 7:00pm - 9:00pm in Smith Hall.

Tremont Street Shul
8 Tremont Street, Cambridge

Egalitarian evening service with Megillah reading - Wednesday 6:30pm
Traditional Evening service with Megillah Reading - Wednesday 8:30pm

Minyan Tehila
(all events at Casa Do Benfica, 178 Elm Street, Cambridge)

Purim davening and Megillah - Wednesday 6:25pm
Party and Megillah with Cambridge Minyan - 8:15-9:15
Late Megillah Reading - 9-10pm

Harvard Chabad's ABSOLUT PURIM 2012 

Wednesday 3/7 at the Harvard Crimson
8:30 Megillah Reading / 9PM AWESOME PARTY!
Hot food buffet, unlimited Hora, and incredible spirit.

Bagels, Lox and Megillah Brunch
Thursday, 3/8 
12PM - Harvard Law School - WWC B015
12:15PM - Harvard Business School - Aldrich 208
Brought to you by Harvard Chabad, JLSA and the JSA

A Royal Feast

Thursday, 3/8 at Chabad
Last Chance to hear the Megillah at 4:30PM
Full spread festive dinner with lots of Chabad spirit 5PM

Chai Center

Purim Party

Club Rumor, 100 Warrenton St. Boston
Purim party for 20s/30s young adults
Megilla Reading
$15 pre-register, $20 at the door
Register here


Purim is Judaism's most festive holiday. It commemorates the Jewish people's deliverance from a genocidal plot to destroy them hatched by the evil Haman in the ancient Persian Empire. Like some other Jewish holidays, Purim can be summarized as: "They tried to kill us, they failed, lets eat!"

Purim is celebrated in many ways. We read of the Megilla, a scroll that recounts the story of Purim. It is also traditional to the give gifts of food and drink to our friends and money to the poor. Purim is also celebrated by wearing masks and costumes, and copious amounts of drinking, eating, and partying. A traditional Purim snack is a Hamantashen, a triangular shaped pastry filled with jam.

Purim is Wednesday night March 7th through Thursday March 8th .
The Fast of Esther starts Wednesday, March 7th at 4:45am and ends at 6:10pm
Check out some of the Purim festivities happening in and around campus here.

To learn more about Purim visit the following resources:

Also check out this video of tomb of Mordechai and Esther, the heroes of the Purim story, here. The site is located in present day Iran.