Friday, December 9, 2011

Industrial Designer Uses PVs and OLEDs to Create Urban Displays

"UrbanTiles, created by Israeli designer Meidad Marzan, offers a glimpse into how OLEDs could potentially light up our cityscapes, in the form of two-sided, reversible tiles that have photovoltaics on one side which collect sun energy during the day, and on the flip side, OLEDs which shine using that power at night."

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where Do You Give: Reimagining Tzedakah for the 21st Century

The Where Do You Give? National Design Competition is searching for talented designers who can translate tzedakah's meaning into compelling, relevant design. That is why we have created a design competition to invite a new generation of globally conscious designers to celebrate the critical role that tzedakah plays in today’s world.

Where Do You Give? challenges artists, designers and conceptual thinkers to create an updated vehicle for giving in the 21st century that inspires a national conversation among all of us who seek to engage more deeply with our communities—be they geographic, ethnic, national or other—about where we give, to whom and why.

Reimagine the tzedakah box—an ancient ritual object used to collect money for charitable causes—and you could win $2500, be featured in a national exhibit and have an opportunity to travel internationally to meet with some of AJWS’s grassroots partners. Watch this video or go to to learn more.

There are also many other ways to participate:
  • Read and comment on the blog, featuring articles about tzedakah and giving. Want to write for us? Submit a post to
  • Upload your own video about philanthropy or offer your own personal memories of giving.
  • Explore our educational materials.
  • Tweet about us to spread the word about the competition to artists and designers, Jewish and non-Jewish. Here's a sample tweet to copy and paste: “Enter @AJWS 's awesome new design competition @WhereDoYouGive. Win $2500 and a chance to travel! #WhereDoYouGive “